Monday, July 1, 2013

Around Here

Around here we have been baking buttermilk scones using this recipe, making pizza dough from the Home Made Pantry book which was delicious.  The kids are playing battle ships after making a grid on a piece of paper which is fun.  I walked past Sienna's $2 shop only to find it "closed" so had to take another photo of that as it made me laugh.  Yesterday I made Turkish Bread for the first time in the Thermomix and we had been wanting to try making Turkish Bread for ages.  We make Focaccia all the time and the Turkish Bread requires a few more steps than the Focaccia and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all my family at Sunday night dinner.


  1. Sienna is adorable - closing her shop! The bread and pizza looks delicious and is making me drool onto my keyboard :)


  2. I've not come across Turkish bread and off to google :). Love that self portrait! Shop owners, eh! The least distraction or better offer, and off they go ...