Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday games at home

As with last Sunday we had a quiet day at home after a busy week and a busy Saturday so while I watched Landline, Gardening Australia and Annabel Langbein I ironed the school uniforms and the kids played various games together around the house.  I grabbed the camera in between ironing so I could capture the games they were playing.  First up was a game of Chess followed by Bocci, then it was Snap and then back to the backyard for more rides on the trolley like last week.  They had a lot of laughs and played well together which makes me happy.  I love ironing (let me rephrase that)... whilst I was ironing I love seeing the kids play together and laugh and be kids.  After all of that we headed off to Coles to get a few groceries and a DVD "The Life of Pi" and watched that together with a short recess for dinner and then bed.  If you get the Life of Pi out (by the way it is at the Hoyts Kiosk) make sure after the movie you watch the "special effects section which is amazing how the movie was made".  Here's how our Sunday activities went today.

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  1. You take the best photos, Kathy! I think you need to run a class for us all! So clear and natural and full of character ...