Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spilled Milk

I have been following Elise Cripe's blog for a long time now and she is one of the contributors to the new blog called "Spilled Milk".  Elise is expecting her first baby in 4 weeks time and is hoping her husband will make it home from deployment for the birth and meeting their baby girl for the first time.

Spilled Milk is a collaborative photography blog, featuring a collection of photographs from 14 talented mothers from around the world.  There is a weekly theme reflecting some aspect of parenthood and the complexity and beauty that comes with raising kids.

So far the themes have been "warmth", "meal", "mess", "experience, "sleep", "grow" and the photography is wonderful because each individual has their own meaning of the theme.

I thought it would be nice to follow along in my own time and take a photo of these themes for my own family and this morning I took a photo that represented "warmth".  This was the first time that we have had Oats for breakfast with warm milk and brown sugar.  As a child myself I remembered on those cold mornings we would have warm porridge.  I bought the Uncle Toby's Instant Oats which are basically rolled oats but more refined so about half the size of normal oats and once we put some milk on top it went into the microwave oven for 90 seconds and after resting for a minute it was done.  It has been 9 degrees in Brisbane these last few mornings which is very cold for sunny Queensland so the oats certainly warmed James up and he really liked them.  Sienna didn't warm to them (ha ha) so she won't be warming up with breakfast any time soon.

There was one other picture I took today that presented warmth as well but I love the first photo of James but you can never have too many photo of "warmth" I say when it's cold.  Here is my other "warmth" photo even though my shutter speed was a bit low the photo isn't that sharp.  It was pretty hot when I opened the oven so I didn't want to hang around a long time with my camera changing settings.


  1. All three of these are beautifully shot and go wonderfully together colourwise. That's a great loaf! And oats are so healthy. My Dad who is nearly 90 still makes porridge every morning for breakfast. We have only 9 degrees here too but this is supposed to be our summer!

  2. I'm also a huge fan of Elise's blog, she inspired me to start my own. I actually stumbled across your blog through the comments on her blog and I'm really glad I did - beautiful shots! That loaf makes me crave fresh baked bread.


  3. Alexa the recipe for the Five Seed Loaf is here Regards Kathy