Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Photo Book inspired by the "Spilled Milk" Blog

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a new photography inspired website called "Spilled Milk" where 13 mothers are taking photos of a specific topic once a week on a theme. I decided I would create a photo book myself using the weekly themes and go through my Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and find photos of my kids that relate to the topic.  The main reason for this is I already take heaps of photos of my kids all the time now and I don't really need another theme however I have heaps of digital photos buried in my HDD which don't see the light of day.  It's actually a fun thing to do go digging back through photos that are 9 years old remembering those treasured moments that have been lost.

Here's some photos of James and Sienna for the "sleep" theme that I have come looking through my old photos on my HDD.  The first lot of photos are of James and I love all of them but I'll never forget finding him fast asleep on the stairs Christmas Eve 2006 when he had just turned 3 the month before. 

Here's photos of Sienna when she was asleep over the past 7 years.  There are heaps more however these are the ones that I have grouped together so far.

1 comment:

  1. Awh this post is making me wish I was still asleep!

    I think the photo book is a great idea. I'm like you I have too many photos on my hard drive and not enough photos pulled together in a way that they can be enjoyed and cherished.

    The spilled milk themes are great, it's a lovely idea to go with family photos and its great that you can even do it retrospectively.

    Lovely photos - I really like the one of Sienna cuddling her teddy. Adorable