Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Present

With Mother's Day coming up I wanted to think of something personal for my Mum so I decided to get an 8x10 print of photos of her backyard and get it framed.  I also had some Instagram photos printed for her using Origrami which I wrote about last week.  For this, I purchased Rebecca Cooper's templates and just added my little iphone Instagram photos and then printed it at Harvey Norman yesterday.  I also purchased a frame from Harvey Norman as they had 20% off frames which was handy as I bought two frames, one for myself and one for Mum.  I was planning to go to Spotlight which is a few shops away as they have lots of frames but with the discount at Harvey Norman it was more convenient and since I was already there.  We all know that you never just pop into Spotlight for a quick visit and you could be there for a minimum of 30 minutes and the check outs usually take ages there.

I'm thrilled with the frames with the black border mat which sets off the white background nicely and as it has a hook on the back it's ready to hang and admire.  Mum gardens just about every morning as soon as she wakes up and has been doing so for years.  It's such a great interest and it keeps her healthy with all the exercise, squatting, bending etc.  I really pleased with how the framed print turned out and can't wait to give it to her on Sunday at Breakfast at our local cafe.

The kids have bought me something each from the Mothers' Day Stall at School and apart from the little gift it's their cards that I cannot wait to see what they have written because last year's were amazing and meant so much to me.  I hope you all enjoy your Mothers' Day on Sunday.  The photo on the left is for me and the garden one is for Mum.  The bottom photos aren't very clear as I wasn't very stable taking them but you get the general idea.  It is such a great template of Rebecca's that I also did an 8x10 print for James of his day at the Gabba however they only had 2 frames in stock at the time so I'll have to wait to get one for him.


  1. Kathy, these are fabulous! The black border was part of the mat?

    Happy Mother's Day :-)

  2. Hi Amy, Yep...the black border was part of the mat that came with the frame and it really set it off and without it it didn't look any good. My printed 8x10 from Harvey Norman was all white matte finish that cost $2.95 and it just sat in the opening and the black was part of the mat of the frame. Regards Kathy