Friday, May 3, 2013

Love Love Love this....Printing Instagram Pics

A couple of weeks ago I came across this post on printing your Instagram prints in Australia, Sydney to be more precise.  Here's the post I found on "Origrami"  I was super keen to try this out because I could do it from the comfort of my home on line with a cup of coffee.  I did not need to do anything with my iphone 3 and the whole ordering process from start to finish took me a whole 5 mins, maybe 10 if you are not decisive about which prints you want.

My prints and pack arrived in the mail this afternoon and I am THRILLED with the results.  They look like the old fashioned polaroid prints that my Mum used to have many years ago.  The prints are bigger than what I remember those to be and I love the size.  I'm going to get a black fine tip pen and hand write on the white space eg... Farmers Markets April 2013, Sleep over at Granny's January 2013 etc. etc.  I like the idea of the hand written note on the bottom.  I don't want journalling on the bottom however there is enough room to write your story as there is about an inch of space.

As I don't have my geo-map linked into my Instragram for location on the back they just print a variety of colours and different cameras.  The prints are lovely to hold and feel and I couldn't be more pleased.  Let me start by saying they are not a "photo" so just think nice glossy brochure only with a matt finish.  They have a lovely vintage feel and as my iphone is only an iphone 3 my photos aren't going to be as sharp as someone who has the latest iphones as I understand the camera's were even better on those.   I will be ordering more of these in the future to get those Instagram snapshots of our life into print.

Start off by ordering yourself one set (which is just a standard 36 prints) to see how you feel about them and then you could order more if you are happy with them.  That's me, I will be ordering more.  Also phone prints on your iphone screen are about one inch squared and the actual photo on these prints is 4 times that so when you blow up a little one inch square four times you loose the quality of the photo and I'm working with the iphone 3.  All that being said I LOVE LOVE LOVE my prints and I was really happy with the service.  I think they took 2 weeks to arrive in the mail and I wasn't expecting them today so it was a lovely surprize to see the package in my letterbox this afternoon.  The actual size of the print is approx 13cm x 10 cm to give you an idea.  THEY ARE SO COOL.  I've actually ordered a set of prints for my Mum for Mother's Day which include pictures of her garden, the grandkids at her place, our Easter Monday traditional meal at her place of Chilli Fish so I can't wait to see what her reaction is in the cute little box.

So if you are wanting to get some of those Instagram pics done go to Origrami and have a go as it's super easy. I am so thrilled with these little prints I'm sure you will be thrilled with them as well.  Another thing is the date the photo is on the back.  I'm not sure if it's the date of the photo or the date you loaded it into Instagram for instance if you used an old photo that you wanted to upload today.  I'm guessing it's the date it's loaded into Instagram and normally you would be taking them up uploading them straight away.  Just thought I would mention that so I don't have to go through my calendar and work out when I was at places and what date things were taken.


  1. how are you planning on storing them Kathy? in an album or something?

  2. At this stage just in the little cardboard box that it comes in but have them maybe on the coffee table and people can go through them.

  3. These are adorable and I think that writing on them would be perfect. Thank you!