Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

Today is Mothers' Day and I want to remember it all from the second I woke up to the time I go to bed.  James and Sienna came in around 6.30 am (a very respectable time) and woke me up very excited to share their presents.

Firstly Sienna gave me her card which was lovely followed by a jewellery organizer, a bracelet and a little decorated jar with a tealight in it that they made at school.  She was pretty happy with her purchases from the Mothers' Day Stall at school and all of it was very thoughtful indeed.  I forgot to photograph little little creative gift.

Next came James with his lovely card and then another page long note with the reasons why he loves his Mum.  Then I got a coupon book to cash in whenever I need it including a hug, kisses, doing the dishes, cleaning his room, making breakfast in bed to name a few.  Doing homework without whinging would have also been appreciated but hey you can't get everything.  It was so lovely and he was excited for me to cash one of them today so I cashed in the breakfast in bed.  He made me two slices of vegemite toast which was brought to be me bed.  Just as well I let him use the toaster by himself this week as it came in handy.  He also gave me a wooden bracelet with pearl shell on it and a big bar of Rocky Road (I love you James!!).  Again all very thoughtful gifts and ones that are very useful but it's their words, their cards and they way they get excited about the day that make it so memorable for me.  Also Sienna had spent a whole day doing a message on the blackboard in the hallway which she taped a quilt over it for the big reveal today.  She couldn't wait to show me the message and I had to shut my eyes and be lead from the bedroom with her hand.  She was so excited about the message and all the work that went into the colours of chalk chosen.  I love these two kids more than anything else in the world....there is the sometimes I don't love your behaviour thrown in however they make me laugh and make my life a better one for it.  I am so happy that I am your Mother James and Sienna............Lots of Love Mummy xxxx

The real breakfast was at a local cafe with my Mum and my sister (their Aunty Lisa) who because she is not a mother we celebrate and give thanks for her being such a great Aunty so she got a lovely card from the kids and some lovely Lindt Chocolate.  We love you Aunty Lisa xxxx

Here's some photos from our Mother's Day morning:-

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