Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing up so fast

There is something about putting kids in long pants that make them seem older to me.  James is 9 and Sienna is 7 and yesterday I bought them new winter clothes because it's that time of the year and I bought James a pair of black/charcoal jeans.  Even though when he stands next to me his head sits just under my chin and I know he is getting taller, once he put those jeans on he looked like a grown up young man.  Sienna put her pink pants on and her legs looked twice as long as I'd imagined them to be.  I can't believe how quickly they are growing up in front of my very eyes and they look so cool in their new winter clothes which they both were so thrilled about.  Big W got a work out yesterday and they have some great value clothes for kids. James jeans were $9 and I bought a pretty little long sleeve top for Sienna that was creme with flowers on it and it was only $4. The red long sleeve shirt James is wearing was only $4 although his jacket was $19 but this will last him 1-2 years so it's worth it.  Do you look at your kids and wonder where the years have gone?  If you are wondering why Sienna is looking around behind her back in the first photo, James just told her she has a tag hanging out of her shirt.  I told you these clothes were new, can't get much newer than the tags still on when they want to try them on for size.


  1. ha ha loving the "I'm so awesome" pose!


  2. Long may they pose for you! Snap 'em while the going is good. Recalcitrant teenage hood is just around the corner!