Monday, May 6, 2013

Around Here

Here's what's been going on around here this past week.  James with a little bit of help from me made Five Seed Loaf yesterday which we use for toast in the mornings and the kids love it and so do I.  We did some gardening on Sunday and planted garlic, sugar snap peas and some other things and then the kids played around with buckets of dish washing liquid, bubbles and mixed dirt into it as well which entertained them for about 30 mins.

We also check up on the Owl living in the tree at the bottom of our street which is a daily request from them.  The Owl is so cute and I love how when you get there he looks down at you very casually as if to say "yes, what can I help you with".  James and Sienna also got out their cameras this weekend to have take some photos.  They were taking photos of me while I was taking photos of them. which is always fun to do.  I'm actually a bit disappointed with the cameras because about 2 years ago when we moved here I told the kids I would buy them a camera each and just bought an inexpensive one for them to use.  In hind sight I probably should have spent more money for a better quality one but I wasn't overly fussed because a 5 and 7 year old could quite easily lose it by leaving it at the park.   I don't even think these cameras take more than a few pictures so in my opinion are really rubbish.  You live and learn don't you on some decisions and these days the better cameras are so cheap and compact so I think I will invest in a better one for both of them this year.

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  1. Cheap cameras are a good start! Anyhow, the technology improves so quickly you can then get a much better camera for your money later on. I did the same as you and then had the guilts about how awful the cameras were to use. I've compensated by buying them much nicer cameras now they are in their late teens :) That owl is so well camouflaged you wouldn't even notice him if you were just strolling by!