Saturday, May 18, 2013

A picture of my Kids May 2013

My eldest son James is 9 years old and loves AFL, reading, doing magic tricks, lego and the unmentionable (x-box - his Mummy aka me, limits it to one hour on the weekends after homework has been done).  His latest activity is his Meccano set which he built a motorbike and finished it on Friday so I said I would take a photo of it for him.  He loves our home baking and knows the difference between healthy food and non healthy food (and we do eat both).  Actually it's sometimes food which means it's okay sometimes to eat those things but he does think our home baking is way better and healthier for you anyway.  He is very clever and has a very sharp mind and an amazing memory and I am so very proud of the person he is and I find it hard to believe that at the end of the year he will be in double digits.  Does that mean I'm getting old?  Maybe just older but my life is so much better for these two little people whom I treasure every day for being their Mum.

Sienna is my youngest child and is 7 years old and loves laughing, smiling, painting artwork, craft, the outdoors, writing notes, being silly, helping Mum cook in the kitchen.  She is going to a disco party tomorrow afternoon so I bought these little heart shaped purple sunglasses for her to wear.  Oh yeh, she LOVES HEARTS too so the sunglasses are very appropriate.  She is giggling and has the most wicked laugh and sometimes can put it on to make us laugh when we are at the dinner table and because it is so fake it makes James and I laugh and then it all turns into real laughing.  She is such a happy, silly beautiful loveable girl and I'm so glad that I'm her Mummy.

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