Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photo Walk | Pattern

This afternoon Aunty Lisa, the kids and I went for a little Photo Walk which is inspired by Photo Walks posted by Elise Cripe on her blog.  The kids and I have only done one Photo Walk in our neighbourhood which was May last year and that Photo Walk was on TEXTURE.  Today's Photo Walk Theme was PATTERN.  Here's our photos from the patterns we discovered while we were on our little walk.

And the end of our walk we spotted this guy in the trees. Actually one of the neighbours was out washing his car and told us about the Owls and I went home to change lenses to get some close up photos of him.  There were two Owls in the tree and sitting there quite happily.  He said they are there every day and fly off about 6pm at night and return to the same tree during the day.  What a special experience it was seeing these Owls in our neighbourhood.

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