Friday, March 8, 2013

GOMA - Part 3

There certainly was heaps to do at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) last Sunday so I'll show you the last of the pictures today.  There was a glass display that looked like the shape of a river with tiny glass animals...the photos don't do it justice but trust me when I say it was amazing.  James loved this the most and the security guard was kept on his toes because we were allowed to take photos but people were holding their mobile phones above it and as you can imagine if you dropped it on the display that wouldn't go down too well so he kept having to tell person after person not to hold their phone/camera over the displays.


Below is a room with blue train tracks all over the walls and train tracks on the ground for the kids to explore and play with.  I think they needed a few more trains because some kids had 2-3 trains to play with and others had my kids when we got there.  Sienna eventually grabbed one and got down to push it along the tracks.

It was a big 3hrs at GOMA with lots of things to see and do!

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