Sunday, March 3, 2013

GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

It is a very wet weekend and I decided rather than going to see a movie we would go to GOMA and see the kids exhibition as there were lots of interactive kids activities.  We were there for about 3 hrs and during that time we visited the Richard Malloy "Yellow or Blue" activity.  This consisted of wall structures made out of cardboard boxes and taped together to look live rocky cave walls.

The kids got to go into the yellow room or the blue room which basically were opposite either ends of the room and use blue cardboard or yellow cardboard to make a creation.  You could then take photos and blend in with your blue or yellow wall or stand out by standing against the opposite colour wall of your cardboard.  Once you finished making your creations you put it into the recycle box so that other kids walking in could utilize what you had already made or pull bits and pieces off it and/or get new cardboard. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone made.  The boxes were lovely shiny cardboard which already had crease folds in them sort of like a large cereal box and a one litre milk carton.  This helped with different shapes etc. Sienna made a costume complete with a Ned Kelly mask and sword (not that she knows who Ned Kelly is but I do)  James made a game box sort of like a pinball machine with a paper ball.  Here's a few photos of our visit to the Yellow and Blue activity.

There were lots of other spaces we visited which were so cool but for now I'll leave you with this very interesting photo of us in a "red room".  Red walls, carpets, ceilings with red lights.  Heaps more photos to come tomorrow.  Put your glasses on as it's bright.  Looks like we had a very WIGGLES day with those strong bold colours doesn't it!!!  More pics tomorrow.

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