Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birthday Morning Tea Today

These days Birthdays are not confined to one day ie the day of your birth and seem to go anywhere from 3 days to 7 days with various birthday events.  There's a family event in our household, there is the school celebration taking cupcakes to school, and then there's my family and if you decide to hold a birthday party for her friends there would have been 4 birthday party celebrations.  We celebrated with just 3 and that's plenty for a 7 year old and plenty for her Mummy who is organizing everything.

Instead of a family BBQ I decided to do a morning tea with a fancy cake.  I found this beautiful cake called "Funfetti Cake" on a blog which is what I was making but like everything we had our own twist on it.  Sienna really wanted a cake like James's 7th Birthday cake which was fantastic (I can't link into that blog post because my photos are missing from the blog) however it was a double layer chocolate cake with smarties on top and those chocolate hollow tubes (no idea the name of them that you eat with coffee and they come in a tin).  I wanted to do something different for her so made this beautiful cake.  On the way home from school yesterday both kids mentioned the chocolate hollow tubes for the cake and it didn't really fit the cake I was doing however I thought musk sticks would look great and lets face it, who doesn'twe love musk sticks.  I bought two $1.00 of musk sticks from Woollies for the job.  There were plenty of musk sticks to taste along the way preparing the final cake but one packet wouldn't have been enough and two were too many.

The cake also has sprinkles mixed into it so on the inside it's very colourful.  I used sprinkles that didn't have any preservatives and additives in them so the colours were not the bright sprinkles (with all the chemicals in it). It was a toss up because I loved the brighter colours but I know my mother is particularly allergic to some chemicals so steered clear of them.  The colouring I used for the icing is also natural colouring not chemicals so I opted for this also when making the pink royal icing.

All I can see Sienna is a very Happy Birthday girl and I loved how she said "Mum it's all about me today" if every other day isn't all about her and James, but I thought it was cute to say this as it was a special day for her.

I loved the cake which is made with buttermilk so it's a moist heavy cake and interesting enough the birthday girl didn't like it, she ate all the musk sticks instead.  So you could probably just use a "sponge cake" and do the same thing by adding sprinkles. I really enjoyed the cake and so did most of the adults and James ate his piece as well.

I used Royal Icing on my cake (I did make two batches of the icing recipe) but you could use Butter cream or anything else you like.  And these are the last Birthday Celebrations for my 7 year old girl.  She totally LOVED the look of the cake and thought it was unreal.  James thought it was so unreal he wanted one for his 10th birthday at the end of the year although I gather he won't be wanting a pink cake.  We made the pink pom pom last night with instructions from Martha Stewart's blog however we only made had time to make one of them because we ran out of time but it still looks lovely in the photos.  I would have loved to have about 5 of them up on the clothesline so maybe next year.  This year it was all about the cake.

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