Saturday, March 9, 2013

Around Here

Here's a few photos of around here this week.  This morning we baked jam drops using our home made jam and they were delicious.  The Jam Drop Recipe is from here and the biscuits are so soft and sweet you'll have to give them a go.

These trees are all in flower at the moment in our neighbourhood and they give the most stunning display of yellow pom poms.  I have no idea what the name of this tree is but they are everywhere and look amazing.  They seem to by planted along the main roads here and look very pretty.

The end of the roses below

My lemon tree's first lemons and I'm so excited about them, as it's my first lemon tree and it brings me happiness.  Who knew you could get so excited by lemons.

And a visitor to our backyard last week.  I didn't get close to him just put my "white knight" (aka 70-200 mm) on my camera and took these photos.  The first photo is actually taken through the glass window in the study so it's not as clear as the others because I walked outside to take the rest of them.

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