Saturday, February 16, 2013

Treasured Artwork

Last year for Mother's Day Sienna gave me a drawing with some words on it which were very special to me.  I put the drawing away in my draw because I wanted to keep it so I could frame it.   As the piece of paper it was on was very long and skinny (ie longer than an A4 piece of paper) I didn't know how I was going to frame it.  Yesterday I decided to scan the artwork and cut and past each of the words to fit onto a 6x4 photo and then I printed it at home and popped it into a little white Ikea frame.  I soooooo love 6 year olds stick people drawings and I love the way we are holding hands and I love the way I have different coloured hair to Sienna.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this little bit of artwork that comes from Sienna's heart to mine.  Here's the 6x4 picture which I scanned into photoshop.  This is what I call valuable art.  I'll try and dig James beautiful pictures out and scan them as well as his was equally meaningful to show me what he thinks of his Mum and how I love him and Sienna.

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