Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sienna turns 7

Sienna turns 7 in the morning (I'm still up as it's Tuesday night time but officially Wednesday am).  This little girl has been so excited for the past 12 days counting down until her 7th Birthday.  She even made a special count down chart above her bed complete with a biro attached so she could mark it off in the square when she woke up.  I love how she goes about to do these little things all by herself.  Little kids are so cute like that.

Last night when I was reading her bedtime story to her she told me that when she went to bed tomorrow night (ie tonight) that she didn't want me to say to her "tomorrow you'll be a 7 year old" because she said that would make her too excited and she wouldn't be able to sleep.  Well I didn't say that to her tonight however she did mention "remember don't say it Mum" to me and this little girl could not get to sleep.

It's bedtime at 6.30 pm in our household and then we read books and lights out at 7.00 pm and this Mummy Bear is officially off duty.  It's been non stop since I left home at 2.30 pm to pick them up and when the lights out at 7 pm, I'm off the clock (well I'm really on call 24/7) but this is my end to my official work day, then I'm on know where you work late nights to get stuff done with no interruptions.  There's the tidying up the kitchen, checking notes and the 101 other things mothers do but once they're in bed that's my time.

So tonight Sienna went to bed but couldn't sleep because she was too excited....she kept coming out to see me and the last time she came into my bedroom at 9.50 pm still awake because she couldn't sleep.  Normally she is fast asleep by 7 pm so this was clearly her little mind waiting for the morning when it would be her birthday.

On the present front there's presents from Mummy and James and Nanny and Pop in Melbourne, Aunty & Uncle and cousin in Melbourne and then my sisters (her Aunties).  I usually get the kids to open Nanny and Pop's present the afternoon before the birthday so that they can take the time to enjoy the present and appreciate the moment.  I'm sure you can relate to Christmas day where present after present is open so quickly that at the end of the unwrapping you have no idea who gave what to them since they are all lumped together so for birthdays I like them to enjoy the moment.  This afternoon she opened Nanny & Pops present which she was very excited about.  Also Nanny and Pop sent a tiny gift for James and one for me also.  James got a little clip on light to read in bed and I got some beautiful soaps which I love and had just run out of that morning.

Here's some photos of the present unwrapping and the yummy cupcakes I made today.  I made mini chocolate ones with royal icing for her to take to school to share with her class.  

She was laughing in the photo above the mini cupcakes because James had discovered one of the names of the paint colours on the back of the box called "Burnt Sienna".  Sienna thought this was hiliarious and we have talked about this before that Sienna is a colour - reddish brown.  They thought "Burnt Sienna" as a paint colour was very funny indeed.

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  1. happy birthday to sienna! kate has the same floral shorts as her too, and loves them so they are both trendy girls! (although I took to hers with the quick unpick to make the leg lenght a bit longer)