Saturday, February 9, 2013

Picnic Dinner with Home Made Bread, Pasta & Spaghetti Bolognese

Last night I decided to have a picnic dinner in the lounge room rather than outside because we also had a movie to watch and dinner time was later than usual.  I set up the coffee table with the red and white spotty table cloth and the kids loved it.  We had home made bread, home made pasta and spaghetti bolognese which I got out of the freezer, also home made.  The kids thought the whole evening was fantastic and we got to watch a DVD that we hadn't seen before called Hotel Transylvania.

We got the DVD out from a"Hoyts Kiosk" booth (like a code vending machine only bright green and it's for the latest DVD's which are $3.50 to rent).  The machines used to be called "Oovie" however now they are owned by Hoyts.  There are three machines near us in different directions and last night we gave it a whirl as a few of my friends use them.  It's all done by touch screen menus ie latest releases, kids movies, etc. so you can easily see the picture of the movie on the screen and then it's just a matter of selecting the movie, swiping your credit card, typing in your email address (for the first time) and the DVD pops out.  The whole process took about 3 mins.  The movies have to be back by 9pm the next evening so no 7 day-er rentals however given you can get the latest DVD for $3.50 on a weekend and it's super convenient we will be using this service from now on.  Going to the DVD shop requires looking through all the DVD's on the shelves, waiting in the queue, putting in your password, and waiting around the other side for your DVD's so the Hoyts Kiosk is super easy and super quick.  The returns just pop back into the same slot the DVD comes out of and also you do not have to return the DVD to the same kiosk.  This morning we had to go to a local shopping centre and they have a kiosk there, so we returned it to a different location which was more convenient today.  All good and the movie was great too.

Anyway that's enough about's the pictures of our little family picnic in the lounge room.  The kids wanted to have the home made ice cream for dessert as well, however since our dinner was a little on the larger portion size I said they could have some grapes instead.  It was a fun night and James told me my bread looked so professional because of the cuts in it that I should be very proud of myself.  He was so impressed that it looked like the bakers loaf.


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  1. I hadn't heard of the hoyts kiosk before, I checked the link and there are several close to us too - must give them a try!

    Yes, your bread does look very professional - we do picnics in the lounge room too, and movie nights.