Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Disco Birthday Dinner

Party Rockers are in the h-o-u-s-e song gets us going.  Sienna told me yesterday that she wanted sausages for her birthday dinner so I was happy to oblige.  We do this nice and simple, little sausages, rolls that cook in the oven in 5 minutes and butter and sauce.

In honor of it being her birthday and I wanted to fancy it up a bit, I decided we would have a disco dinner at the coffee table.  I gave her the disco light for her birthday this morning so we popped that on, I cooked the sausages on the BBQ outside and we put her iPod shuffle on with Party Rockers blaring and ate our dinner.  Our little party was over in about 15 minutes including me standing on the chair to take photos with a point and shoot attitude.

Bear in mind I had my ISO pumped up to 4000 as I wanted the dark "night-time" to be in the photos rather than adding more light. These photos are extremely "noisy" or "grainy" in the old photography language. So even though these photos are not "technically perfect" they are "emotionally perfect" to me as we had a celebrated another lovely birthday dinner.

We all decided that in light of our pancakes for breakfast and a sprinkle cupcake for afternoon tea that dessert (normally yoghurt, peaches or homemade ice cream) was off the menu as we have had quite enough party food for one day.

After dinner I read Sienna her new story book called "Room on a Broom" which is a beautiful hardcover book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and she thoroughly enjoyed listening to.

She had a great day and I'm digging the Disco Dinner memories we made tonight.

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