Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Pancakes for Sienna's Birthday

A number of years ago I started the tradition of pancakes, ice cream and maple syrup for our birthday breakfasts.  It requires a big effort on a school day to do this so I made some home made ice cream yesterday in the Thermomix and made the pancakes this morning for breakfast.  We topped the birthday girl's pancakes with the cutest little owl candle that I bought last week as she loves owls.

The kids came into my room about 6 am and woke me up and James first gave Sienna his present which was a Owl Pillow Pet (a cushion which is soft and flat and then folds up to be a little owl).  She was thrilled with the present and she was very impressed because the present was wrapped up with the cushion flat so to a 7 year old it was a huge present and he also wrote a lovely card to her.

Then it was presents from Mummy....a disco ball, a craft kit with pens and plastic stencils, a beautiful story book about a witch and then a box with lots of little things in it like a packet of tennis balls, some bubble mixture, a plastic paint pallet which is good because she has some paints from Nanny and Pop.  Some glitter glue and a sparkly pink pig money box with $2.00 in 20 cent pieces for her money box.  All in all she was one happy 7 year old.

James told me they woke up at 5.45 am and he let her come into his room and play with some old toys until 6.00 am when they thought they would come and wake me up.  At that time in the morning I lay in bed with my iPhone taking pictures of her unwrapping her uploading iPhone photos is not something I do regularly as it's a bit of a process for me so for now you can enjoy our yummy pancake breakfast photos.  Happy Birthday to my happy smiley little girl.

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