Thursday, February 14, 2013

Around Here

We have been busy getting back into the school routines and trying not to drop all the balls at once however I have just realized today 2 balls have already been dropped when I thought I was on top of it 100% today.  I am still taking my photo a day and love snapping some Instagram Pics on my iphone also.  This weekend I have to copy photos onto a USB stick and get them printed to go into my Project Life Book.

Here's a few pictures of what's been happening around here.  The Block Renovation Show is back in full swing and I love this show and that's about the only thing that's on at the moment.  Rosie and Jazzy our chickens are enjoying wandering around the yard as soon as the kids come home.  Sienna lost another tooth yesterday so that's one for January and one for February and today I had a few girlfriends around for morning tea and all of them brought me chocolate for Valentines could be any day of the week they bring me chocolate and it would be I am stocked up on chocolate to help get through those moments when the laundry is everywhere, the kids are annoying each other and you feel like running away with the circus so here's some photos of our week.


  1. I love the light in the photos of the kids with their chooks.