Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lake House

OMG we have had some rain here today.....we've been in this house for a year and a half now and on two occasions we have had huge and fast rain which has half filled our back yard.  I can even remember those days and when they were because the yard was half full of water.  The first one was this time last year on the first day of school it just bucketed down so much that our normal 15 minute drive to school took us 1 hour and we got to school late and we drive no where near the city which is obviously more traffic, we are out in the suburbs. Then last November James was invited to a pool party in the afternoon and storm came and again the rain came thick and fast and filled half our back yard with water within 30 minutes to an hour however those two times have been significant but nothing compared to today's rain

We should be changing the name of our house to The Lake House and I'm sure you'll agree when I show you the pictures below.  Bear in mind this is from rainfall only.  The other things Brisbane is contending with at the moment is a release of water from The Wivenhoe Dam, The Brisbane River overflowing because of (i) rain and (ii) the Wivenhoe Dam and of course there is also a King Tide which is not helping with the flow of the rivers either.  All of this combined is perfect for Brisbane to flood as it did exactly two years ago.

As for me, I'm only contending with one issue of the rain falling so imagine if you were in an area where all of those things combined are happening near the river and then when the river overflows which is expected to peak on Tuesday the water from the storm water drains comes up into the streets.  We are fine here but areas like Rosalie which is not near the river always gets hit when the water comes back up through the storm water drains because the river is friends.....I am actually one of the lucky ones.  There is always someone worse off than you are.  So here's what our backyard transformed into today and the photo of the rain gauge was 52mm over night...(that's from last night) so I'm sure it's over flowing from today's rain.



  1. I'm just listening to the reports now - I hope you have some sand bags for that back door of yours! Good luck!

  2. Quite unbelievable how high the water came in your backyard. Trust the drain is clear now?!