Saturday, January 12, 2013

Remembering Alice

It's 12 months today that we received the sad news that Alice had passed away.  Alice was in the same grade as James at school and had only turned 8 a few months before.  During the past year we often think of Alice and when her favourite song comes on the radio when we are driving in the car we immediately think of her also.  Somehow today it seemed more real and reliving those phone calls from friends, checking twitter for the latest update and of course in complete shock when the news actually arrived.  Towards the end we all knew she would be going to heaven in a matter of days but it still came as a terrible shock when it happened.  We are friends of the family and today on the first anniversary it seemed harder than other days when we think of Alice so my heart goes out to Libby, Tim and the kids because I know they are living this everyday for the rest of their lives.

I decided we needed to do something today to remember Alice and celebrate her life so we went to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream shop and ordered an ice cream with Alice's favourite colours which are pink and green.  There really was only one pink ice cream in a soft shade and two green ones so we opted for those.  It was the biggest ice cream the kids had seen and/or eaten and while the colours were really pretty (any 8 year old girl would love them) the flavours themselves were somewhat to be desired.  However it was all in the honour of our little friend Alice and for that we ate heaps of calories for her!  Next year I told James we will make cupcakes with pink and green icing.  I don't think the kids will be wanting another ice cream for some time but it was for a very good cause and for that it was worth it.

(Note: it looks like all my photos are missing from my blog from October and before so my nephew is on to that to sort it out.  All the posts I've done over the past few days are showing up.  Stay tuned hopefully it will get back to normal viewing shortly).

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