Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project 365 in 2013

In 2009 I took a "photo a day" for the whole year and printed the photos and put them in an album which I purchased from Kikki K Stationery Store.  I did attempt to get a Project 365 kit that Becky Higgins designed at the time but they sold out in about 2 hrs and that involved me waking up at 2am and ringing the USA to see if I could get a kit. The website crashed because it was overloaded and the kits ended up on ebay selling for 6 times as much as their original price.  Crazy stuff however 4 years on as most scrapbookers would know Becky Higgins set up her own company and "Project Life" kits have evolved over time with amazing designs, packaging and lots of inspiration on her website with a creative team of people using the kits if you need some ideas.  Australians purchase the kits on line via the NZ distributors Craft House.

My friend Karin and I did the 2009 project together and it was great having someone else emailing you their photos and it was lots of fun, a great talking point and a real feel good thing.  At the beginning of the year I had a Canvas in mind to do with all the photos and knowing this I made sure all my photos were "horizontal" so that they could all fit on a grid type canvas.

In January 2010 I put the camera down for a couple of weeks but basically I was taking photos 4-5 days out of 7 before my photo a day project so it wasn't all that difficult.  In 2011 I got a couple of other Mums involved and we took photos all year long however I probably missed out on a few days due to other things going on in our lives that year but on the whole I was still taking photos 4-5 days out of 7.

Fast forward to 2013 and it's back on again and I will be taking a "photo of the day" and the kids get involved in what would be a good photo and I'm using Becky Higgins Project Life "Seafoam Kit" which Elise Blaha Cripe designed.

I have also purchased mini kits for the kids to do this year and they are right into it.  I got different kits for the kids so they had their own design. The kids mini albums have spaces for 80 photos so theirs is really 1 photo per week and then 30 other spots for extras like holidays etc.  The kids are so getting into it and both of them picking out what photos they would like, what they would like to write and putting them together.  They have full control over what they want to do with their albums.  I also bought them both a coloured box from the $2 shop for them to keep their album, their coloured pens and the little Becky Higgins kits.


  1. awesome that the kids are doing their own~!

  2. You are such an awesome Mum Kath! Great that they are doing it too!