Monday, January 28, 2013

More Water Overnight

We had more rain over night however because of the little river bed drainage system that some very kind friends of ours helped me with last night the water as flowed nicely out of the backyard to the storm water drains.  There is a small portion of water left which will need some sunshine to dry up but it was a lot of water in a very short space of time.  I ended up going to bed around 2.30pm because the wind was so strong and noisy it was hard to sleep.  I made the kids stay inside this morning because the wind was still so strong and we have lots of tall gum trees around and so for safety reasons we were all inside.

In the news tonight unfortunately a pregnant mum and her 3 year old went out for a walk to have a look this morning and a huge tree fell over the both of them and they were trapped.  Luckily for them an off duty fireman happened to be driving past and had his chainsaw in the boot and cut some branches off them however the little 3 year old is listed as critical at the moment (sadly overnight the 3 year old boy died which is just so tragic).  This story emerged midway through the day however my telling the kids to stay inside was based on a tree doing just that and we are safe in the house.  Sienna proceeded to tell me if a tree fell on the house it would come through the roof anyway and get us and I said yes, however we would be more protected than if it just fell on top of you in the back yard.

We did go out for a 5 minutes walk this afternoon when the wind died and there was no rain and I had very strict rules about staying next to me and we were'nt going to go close to the water because we do have a causeway thing at the end of the street.  Here's a few photos and one of a huge tree that  had fallen over down the road in the middle of the night.

And an update on the rainfall...125mm when I looked at it again


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