Tuesday, January 22, 2013

James the Magician

During the June school holidays James was right into the jigsaw puzzles and this holiday he has been right into magic.  He has been doing tricks which to be honest have completely baffled me (some might think that wouldn't be hard given I'm a blonde....) however seriously, he does some tricks and I look at him and think I was watching that and I don't know how you did it.

For Christmas James really wanted a Magic Book from Santa but his list was only put together about 2 days before Santa was due to deliver his presents and as we all know Santa has to start preparing early and can't leave things until the last minute.   I'm sure Santa would have loved to get James the Magic Book at the last minute but he was just too busy getting all the reindeer's together to be sorting more gifts.

Santa had chosen the gifts that he thought were very suitable for a 9 year old and I had previously explained to James and Sienna that sometimes Santa doesn't bring everything you want on your list and in fact sometimes he doesn't bring anything on the list because he has other presents in mind that he knows you will love but not necessarily what you asked for.....all that aside...........the kids were prepared to expect what they received.  More on the Christmas Santa goodies in another post however on Christmas morning when we were at my Mum's place (Granny's) exchanging gifts with my sisters etc. James opened his present from Aunty Frances and her family, and it was the very magic book that he had on his wish list for Santa.

James' eyes lit up as soon as he had opened the present and Uncle Steven commented to me later that James looked thrilled about the book.  I then told him the story that this was on his wish list from Santa but Santa wasn't able to get it for him and he really, really really wanted it so I said that James knew exactly the book the second he opened it and they could not have got a better present for him if they tried.  The funny thing was we hadn't even been talking about this so it was fantastic that he got the book from his Aunty, Uncle and Cousins.  James came over to me to show me what he had received and he looked as if he had won the lotto.  The first I had actually heard of the book was 2 days before Christmas so sometimes Santa knows best doesn't he....luckily he didn't go to the last minute trouble of sourcing the book because it wouldn't have had nearly the same impact upon opening Aunty Frances present if he had received the book from Santa's two hours earlier.  I do BELIEVE Santa is really is AMAZING!  He's magic and knows everything.  (Mind you I wish he did know the lotto numbers for the coming week, now that would really be MAGIC).

Along with the magic book Uncle Graham who was visiting from Perth bought him a magicians' hat the week after Christmas as James had been practising his magic every chance he got trying it out on Aunty's, Uncles, Granny and all the Cousins who were in town.  The interest in "magic" has all been highlighted by Dynamo the Magician who's shows have been on TV the past few months and they are truely amazing.

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