Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Day Back at School (yesterday)

Here they are all excited to go back to school to see their friends and start learning again.  James is going into  Grade 4 and Sienna is going into Grade 2.  James loves his teacher and Sienna knows her teacher as one of the prep teachers has moved into teaching Grade 2 this year.  Day 2 and they are both exhausted I think Sienna was more exhausted yesterday going back and James is exhausted on Day for me after 8 weeks of having them home, I'm just plain exhausted!

For Mummy; back to making lunches at breakfast time, making dinner either at morning tea time or afternoon tea time and the endless washing and ironing of school uniforms, school notes, functions, diary appointments and I only have 2 kids to organize.  I'm sure you can relate to all of this.

I hope everyone is taking a big breath because Mummy's HERE WE GO AGAIN.......another school year begins.

Sienna is holding her new "Hedge Hog Pencil Sharpener"

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