Monday, October 1, 2012

School Art Show

During the last week of school we had an Art Show and Concert which consisted of kids art work, Choir and Dance.  When I picked the kids up from school we headed down to the hall to look at all the art work which was very impressive indeed.  Grade 3 did their artwork based on "What if" theme and James did  "What if Birds laid all kinds of balls".  Some of the other art work was based on the "What if" were "What if puppies were pillows", "What if Monsters were Teachers" (ummm some of them may be, we have been lucky so far) "What if dolphins could fit into fish tanks", "What if Soccer Balls were heads" "What if candles were fingers" "What if Fishing Rods could write on Water".  I just love their imagination and the matching artwork that goes with it,  awesome stuff.

Sienna's grade 1 class did artwork around "Do you have a Hat?"  The kids each had to bring a fancy hat to school and then draw a picture of them wearing the hat.  We only had a few caps at home and Sienna didn't want to take one of those, so James helped her make a hat out of newspaper (great job James, you were a lifesaver on this project).  Here's some photos of the Art Show below.

On the left below is Sienna with her paper hat that James helped her make.  The kids then had to draw a picture of themselves wearing the hat.  I think it's such a cute idea and she had fun doing it.  



Some of the other grades artwork which looked great hung up around the room.


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