Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Book of our Veggie Garden

During the Easter holidays in 2010 we set up our first veggie gardens at our old house and had a bumper season which we were thrilled about.  It was the first time I had really grown veggies for the family and we produced some amazing tasting food.  I wanted to document our veggie growing experience so I used a company called Paper Coterie to print a photo book which was made from and recycled paper.  The pages aren't shiny like glossy photo paper but are a cream coloured textured paper which is very organic and very suitable given the nature of the book.  The book was relatively easy to produce and turned out better than I had expected.  James was 6 and Sienna was only 4 years old when we took these photos and they look so adorable as well.  Hope you enjoy a look into our veggie growing in 2010.

Paper Coterie is a USA company and whilst the book was reasonably priced the postage on top made it no so reasonable.  I did wait until there was a 60% off photo books before I ordered it which made it reasonable.  I really love the book and the quality but I would only use them if there was a special on due to the additional postage to Australia.  I'm thrilled that I have documented our veggies because it was such a great experience for the kids and I back then.  I had one of the best tomato plants in history and haven't really had a good plant since then.  I've got a couple of tomato plants now to plant out in our garden so hopefully by Christmas we'll have lots to eat with our summer salads.

And as a side note I have finally processed and ordered my Week in the Life 2012 book (WITL) from Blurb yesterday so I will be looking out for the postie over the next few weeks.  I'm very happy with the photos, stories and pages I did using Lynette's designs and templates and will do a post when the book finally arrives.  WITL was earlier this year from the 23-29th April, 2012 but I figured it's better late than never.  I did the process over a few stages which I'll explain when I get my book but there was some rather big time lapses during those stages.


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