Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat Camping - Part 2

Here's a few more photos from our weekend camping trip.  One of the highlights from the weekend was the "Damper on a Stick" which was cooked on the open fire.  One of the very clever Mum's brought all the ingredients including the sticks and showed each child (11 or so kids) how to roll the dough onto the stick and then they had hold the stick over the coals and turn it every so often.  It took about 5-8 mins and was pretty tough work since the fire was very hot however it was a huge success and with the golden syrup and icing sugar it was to die for.  I know Julie Goodwin has a recipe for this in her first cookbook called "The Family Table" if anyone is interested. 

 An afternoon "slushie" to cool the kids down

Trying out our new popcorn gadget for the campfire

It was a big hit with all the kids and worked really well

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