Saturday, October 27, 2012

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat - Bike Track

The thing the kids were most looking forward to was using the bike track at Neurum Creek.  The kids have been riding their power wings at home for the past 12 months as they outgrew their little bikes and I hadn't got around to replacing them.  This was the perfect opportunity to do so and I managed to buy James a bike at Kmart for $69 which was orange and black which he thought was very cool.  Sienna wasn't so fussed on the "girly" bikes so we left the shop without one for her.  Our friends brought along an extra bike for her to use over the weekend so that was great.

Apart from the fact the kids hadn't been on bikes for about 12 months, the bike track is made of very fine sand/gravel and it is nothing like riding on a bike path.  The kids were itching to go to the bike track the second we got there and of course as expected there were several accidents involving grazed hands and knees over and over again.  By the second to third day they had got the hang of just how fast to go and we were right but there were many tears before that stage.  On the last day I finally got around to taking some photos of the kids on the track and my camera card had completely filled up and even though I went through a deleted some pics that were doubles I only ended up getting a few of them mastering the track.

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