Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie in the Park - Hugo

Last Friday night our school hosted a "Movies in the Park" in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council and the kids were excited to see an outdoor movie.  We ordered some pizza's for dinner and brought along our camping chairs to sit on.  One thing I didn't think about was blankets given how hot Friday was however once the sun went down it was pretty cool.  We ended up putting our picnic blankets over us to keep us warm.  The movie was set in a Paris Train Station a long time ago and a washed up movie maker had a shop at the train station.  There were lots of interesting weird characters in the story however it ended up with a happy ending and the movie maker was honored for his life time achievement of movies after a young orphan boy found an old robot and put back together.  James loved the movie, Sienna fell asleep at the end and as for me...well........ not really my cup of tea but in the end it was a good outcome.  Here's a couple of pic's from our evening.


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