Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Around Here

We have been enjoying down time during these holidays and just hanging around the house doing not much.  A few videos, kids playing in the backyard and lots of toys from one end of the house to the other.  I love the break from the early morning school day rush of lunches, library bags etc. and enjoying the slower pace.  On Tuesday I was in my pj's all day and had a shower at've gotta have days like that as they can be very good for you.  This is what it's been like around our place lately.

Finally cutting up fabric which I purchased two years ago to the month to make a bunting...ummm what can I say, life sometimes gets in the way of craft projects.  I had to dust off the sewing machine which hasn't been used in 12 years.  I was once a big sewer, making my own clothes, sewing quilts etc. and my sisters and I first learnt how to sew on an old singer treadmill sewing machine which we had in our downstairs laundry.  Hawaiian flared shorts and crop tops were all the rage back in the 70's and I made my fair share of them and wore them proudly.  All the neighbourhood kids had them made and we would ride our bikes with big banana handles and think we were so cool.  Those were the days when you would hang around with the neighbours all day and come home for lunch and dinner.  Things are a bit different these days but I have lots of fond memories of my sewing exploits.

Some circus acts performed by some circus animals...or are they really my kids!!!

We have been indulging in home made some nachos during the holidays, complete rubbish food but totally yummy and I think we had it 2 days in a row for lunch.  Thank goodness the 10-11 weeks of the school term it's healthy eating.

Here's at least some healthy eggs on toast for dinner....we decided to put our empty shells on top of one another as we finished them.  The eggs are done in the Thermomix which take 10 mins and are just perfect.

Toys, toys and more toys....they seem to make their way out of boxes all by themselves but never jump back in their boxes.  It's a constant battle to get the kids to "tidy up the toy room".

Last night's dinner, sun-dried tomato chicken (YUM) with home grown roasted potatoes.  Seriously these are just so great to eat and it puts smiles on all of our faces.  I love teaching the kids to grow food and I get just as much of a thrill out of it as they do.

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