Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Morning Coffee

This morning I made myself my usual cup of coffee and put it on the kitchen bench and then put the milk away in the fridge.  I turned around to stir my coffee and this is what I found.  Sienna and James started laughing (I mean who else is going to pop eye-balls in my coffee in this household!!!)  Anyway, even though I knew it was Sienna I just cracked up laughing because I didn't expect it.  They both thought it was hilarious and in fact so did I.  These eye-balls have been sitting on the kitchen bench all week long, along with some plastic and very real looking worms, flies and a cockroach.  I think I can handle some beautiful blue eye-balls staring back at me but I think if one of those flies end up in my coffee tomorrow, I think I would have to throw it out and make a new one as they look so real.  I love that my kids have a sense of humour and that we can all have a big laugh together.  You might wonder why we have a spare pair of eye-balls, flies, worms etc. around on the kitchen bench, well this was part of Sienna's Idiot Bag from the EKKA.  Gotta love having kids around, they certainly keep you young or on your toes or something like that.  xxxx

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