Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids Costumes

James has been working on a school project designing a "Super Hero" costume and he came up with the design for Bat Boy.  They had a plan and had to draw out the design and label everything and then make it.  I went to Spotlight and bought some black fabric and coloured felt which is like contact so after you cut the design you just peel the backing off and stick it down.  Fantastic for a project like this as no sewing or gluing.  James did it all himself, I just had to hold the templates down so he could draw around them.  The backing is like a waxy paper so we had to use my "special magic" pen that writes on any surface.  He has the logo on the back of the cape, the tshirt (a plain black $4 tshirt from Kmart) and on the belt.  He is thrilled with the end result and it looks just like his plan.  Here's a few photos I took of him all dressed up.

Sienna's costume for next Friday is going to be a cat.  This is as far as we have got.  Her first thoughts were a chicken which would send any mother to the "OMG how am I going to make a chicken costume" so I was pleased when we were at Spotlight she saw this cat mask and wanted that instead.  I'm thinking black tights and black top but she's not the tights kinda girl so I'm still working on that.  Only have a few days to sort her out now James has completed his Super Hero Project.


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