Saturday, September 29, 2012

Iphone Photos

I take heaps of photos on my iPhone when I'm out and about without my DSLR and tonight I uploaded the last few months of pics to my computer.  Here are a few of my favourites which I have processed through "Camera +" which allows photo frames and captions.  I used to use Instagram previously but I like the Camera+ programme better because the photos aren't so "dark and moody".  Most of the Instragram pics are dark to me and I love Camera+ because you can lighten them, backlight them, flash etc. all by touch on your iPhone. The tips that I have learnt are to just take the photos on your iPhone as per the normal camera and then you can just "add them into Camera+" edit them and save them back into your camera roll.  As you know these little programmes take you through a few steps which when taking one photo can take a minute or so which means you've missed out on taking a few other photos at the time.  So just take your photos as normal on your iPhone and when the opportunity arises then process them in Camera+ straight away or at a later date when you have a few moments.  Here are a few of my favourite pic's from the past few months.











I took these photos of the TV hence the photos of Sally Pearson and the Grand Final today between Hawthorne and the Sydney Swans... James and I were on the edges of our seats screaming every time Hawthorne clawed their way back only to be beaten in the last few minutes.....a very exciting game for a Grand Final.

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