Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home Grown Potatoes

Two years ago we attempted to grow some potatoes and due to the excessive rainfall at the time, the pots filled up with water and the spuds rotted and never grew.  During the June school holidays when Nanny was visiting we planted 4 seed potatoes in each tub and yesterday the kids went about to harvest their little spuds.  We had invited Granny over for lunch and she was there watching all the excitement going on digging for potatoes.  We do have a lot of little potatoes and that's fine and it was so exciting for us as it was a huge success that we actually grew some potatoes.

Last night Aunty Lisa came over for a BBQ and I collected some home grown rosemary from the garden, cut the potatoes up and cooked them on the BBQ.  I did microwave them a little first so the cooking process wouldn't take forever and they were delicious.  Here's a few photos of the kids having fun digging for spuds.  

And then cooking them on the BBQ with home grown Rosemary - YUM YUM

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