Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Tradition

Yesterday was my birthday and I have for many years taken a Birthday photo of myself with James and Sienna and 4 cupcakes and yesterday was no exception.  I find it amazing how they change in a year and I didn't think they would have changed a lot from 2011 to 2012 however they look a lot older this year than last year.  It's my birthday and of course every year I get a year older but little kids are still growing and changing so quickly.  I love this Birthday Tradition so here's my 2012 photo plus the years prior back to 2006.


  1. Happy Birthday Kathy - your photos are lovely :-)

  2. happy birthday Kathy! and I'm laughing to myself about you wearing a black top every year recently! ;-)

  3. Don't laugh Sharon, my entire wardrobe is black....I do wear red lipstick though and did buy a pair of fancy thongs which were red beads to try and introduce colour into my life!!!!