Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Artwork by James

James has created some amazing pieces of artwork this year in Grade 3 because his teacher is doing an Arts degree and/or Masters in Art (I can't remember which) so due to her interest in art, the kids have learnt all sorts of mediums and created all sorts of pieces this year.  Drawings, lino prints, screen printing and lots more.  The artwork has just been amazing and I find the pieces really interesting.  I'm going to have to take photos of them all and create a Blurb book or something for him.

The latest project was to create a "Bird's Eye View".  James chose to do a bird's eye view of Pop Waz and him playing Chess.  To think about looking down on something and then using modelling clay/Plasticine to create the scene, it just blew me away and I was so proud of what he created.  Each little square on the chess board was a different coloured piece of Plasticine so it was very time consuming.  I think it's AWESOME and the front of the card is AWESOME too.  These sorts of things take my breath away and I feel so proud that I have such amazing kids with fantastic little minds.  James is very proud of his artwork as he should be; so we just need to send it off to Melbourne to Pop Waz now. I know when Pop Waz opens it, he will have tears in his eye as James loves playing board games with Pop and vice versa.

The card reads "Dear Pop, I made this in class.  It's a bird's eye view of you and I playing Chess.  It's your turn.  You are holding the piece.  Hope you like it.  Lots of love.  James"

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