Saturday, September 29, 2012

Iphone Photos

I take heaps of photos on my iPhone when I'm out and about without my DSLR and tonight I uploaded the last few months of pics to my computer.  Here are a few of my favourites which I have processed through "Camera +" which allows photo frames and captions.  I used to use Instagram previously but I like the Camera+ programme better because the photos aren't so "dark and moody".  Most of the Instragram pics are dark to me and I love Camera+ because you can lighten them, backlight them, flash etc. all by touch on your iPhone. The tips that I have learnt are to just take the photos on your iPhone as per the normal camera and then you can just "add them into Camera+" edit them and save them back into your camera roll.  As you know these little programmes take you through a few steps which when taking one photo can take a minute or so which means you've missed out on taking a few other photos at the time.  So just take your photos as normal on your iPhone and when the opportunity arises then process them in Camera+ straight away or at a later date when you have a few moments.  Here are a few of my favourite pic's from the past few months.











I took these photos of the TV hence the photos of Sally Pearson and the Grand Final today between Hawthorne and the Sydney Swans... James and I were on the edges of our seats screaming every time Hawthorne clawed their way back only to be beaten in the last few minutes.....a very exciting game for a Grand Final.

Santos City of Lights at Southbank

Last night I took the kids into Southbank which is the Parkland's opposite the city.  Southbank was the original home of Expo '88 (yes way back in 1988 when you spent every minute going through the pavilions of different countries and when you were doing that you were in the German Beer Hall or the English Pub.  I have many good memories of doing the chicken dance with complete strangers at the Beer Hall and singing the White Cliffs of Dover in the English Pub).  Ahhhh those were the days!!!  Now back to my current 2012 story of last night when I took the kids to see the "Santos City of Lights" show which is a combination of water, laser lights and music on the Brisbane River.  We headed in there early and had some pizza for dinner and took the UNO cards with us so to waste some time until 7pm when it started.  Here's a couple of pictures of the Laser Show and I have heaps more.

On the way back to the car we saw a fabulous street performer who was rather entertaining with fire and full of personality.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home Grown Potatoes

Two years ago we attempted to grow some potatoes and due to the excessive rainfall at the time, the pots filled up with water and the spuds rotted and never grew.  During the June school holidays when Nanny was visiting we planted 4 seed potatoes in each tub and yesterday the kids went about to harvest their little spuds.  We had invited Granny over for lunch and she was there watching all the excitement going on digging for potatoes.  We do have a lot of little potatoes and that's fine and it was so exciting for us as it was a huge success that we actually grew some potatoes.

Last night Aunty Lisa came over for a BBQ and I collected some home grown rosemary from the garden, cut the potatoes up and cooked them on the BBQ.  I did microwave them a little first so the cooking process wouldn't take forever and they were delicious.  Here's a few photos of the kids having fun digging for spuds.  

And then cooking them on the BBQ with home grown Rosemary - YUM YUM