Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It warms your heart

We all know being a mother is a 24/7 job and it's one of the hardest jobs in the world and it's only when you have done it, or are doing it that you fully realize it.  Unfortunately still in today's society it's still somewhat undervalued because we do earn an income being on call 24/7.  There are good days and bad days when sorting out one too many fight over a TV show, who's on the trampoline first or who's turn it is to put the milk away after breakfast can drive you crazy.  All of that being said, this morning I had one of those heart warming wonderful moments that made my day.

I was making the lunches and the kids were sitting at the bench eating Vegemite toast and I started giving them some maths problems out loud.  First it was 5+5 for Sienna, then a few more for her and then James wanted to do some times tables so I gave him some of those and this banter continued for a couple of minutes while I kept on making the lunches.  I then said what does James + Sienna + Mummy = expecting them to say 3.  They both yelled out their answers at the same time and James said "FAMILY" and Sienna said "LOVE".  To me it was a treasured gift and the family values I am teaching them shone through in their little answers.  What was that old MasterCard ad... it's worth a million dollars....well that answer by both of them was worth a million dollars to me.  I'm so proud of both of both of them and our amazing little family.

(The photo below was taken at our very first Charity Fun Run last Sunday, more details to come later).

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