Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Grown Snow Peas

During the June school holidays we planted some snow peas in our veggie garden and last week we picked our very first ones.  This gardening thing is wonderful because when you can go out to your backyard and pick something to eat that you have grown and it gives you such a buzz.  I usually have a smile on my face from ear to ear because we grew these veggies and they taste so fresh and crunchy compared to the ones in the shops that have to be shipped around the country. We haven't grown snow peas before so I didn't know how they would go, however given they were between $16-$27 per kg in the shops in the last month it seems like it was a very wise choice to grow them.  We made it a real ritual to pick "our very first snow peas" off the vine/bush and celebrated our harvest (ha ha) by making a recipe from a BBQ cookbook with roasted sweet potato and Asian's delicious and I've made this before.  I did take a photo on my iPhone of the dish which I haven't had the opportunity to load the pic's to the computer yet.  I did take the dish over to Mum's for our family dinner and we were having a little joke about the 100 Mile Diet because we were actually having the 10 Mile Diet (well we are in Australia so it's really the "10 Kilometer Diet") because the snow peas were picked and then eaten within 10 Kilometers.  Here's some photos of our little harvest ceremony!!!  Another gardening success for our family which we were all pretty excited about.

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  1. well you've done better than me, this year no veges in at all, and the last time I tried to grow snow peas something liked them better than us, so that was a fail! your vege garden is looking great!