Monday, August 13, 2012

EKKA 2012

Yesterday Aunty Lisa and I took the kids to the EKKA (our Royal National Agricultural Show) where the country meets the city. 

Once we got in the gates we headed to the trapeze area as it wasn't busy and they both had a go on that which they enjoyed and then we had our traditional Strawberry Ice Cream which is famous at the EKKA.  We then headed off to the Woolworths Pavilion for some taste tests and some funny photography where they take a photo of you with a green screen and insert your picture into an existing scene.  With cows, on a fishing boat, picking apples, a bakery and a cheese shop.  I'll scan those and load them another day.  I also took James in to see the Channel Nine News Room where the news is filmed nightly from the EKKA.  He got to sit in the actual news desk with the main ring behind him which was really cool.  We also got a photo taken with the Big Brother Logo.  Lisa and Sienna waited outside because they didn't want to go in.  James and I had a ball doing those two little things.

Next we had some lunch followed by a look at the fancy cakes that the kids would enjoy seeing and then got our show bags and headed home around 2pm.  This year James decided he wanted to get the "Greatest Show Bag on Earth" while Sienna wanted to get "The Idiot Bag". Sienna's show bag came with a rip stick (yep, a big heavy rip stick and James bag came with a skateboard however when Sienna saw the skateboards came in pink she negotiated with James to swap the rip stick with him so he got that and she got the pink skate board and their original show bags...both were happy.

The kids spent the afternoon laughing and being silly with stuff out of their show bags. Whoopie cushions, little toilets filled with a goo that make farting noises (yes, all kids love toilet humour) and they couldn't stop laughing. There were fake ants and cocheroaches which at 7am this morning Sienna placed the ants on my shoes and she couldn't wait until I found them.

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