Monday, August 13, 2012

Chocolate Fork Biscuits

I recently came across a lovely blog called Jelly Peaches & Ice Cream.  They were easy, quick and so very tasty.  If you like chocolate you will love the taste of these as they are very chocolate-y.   The recipe only made 12 biscuits but you really only need to eat one biscuit as they are a nice size although who could stop at one!!  One tip is that when the mixture is combined it doesn't stick together and it's sort of loose however you just get a couple of teaspoons of mixture squash it in your hand to get it to hold together rand roll into a ball and put it on the tray.  As per the recipe once all the biscuits are looking like round rum balls on the tray, get a fork and dip it into cold water and flatten each biscuit.  Give these ones a try and they come highly recommended.

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