Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homework the fun way

I needed a fun way for Sienna to learn her sight words as she is struggling with them at the moment.  During the holidays we had a fine afternoon after about a week of heavy rain so we walked across the road to the easement and drew hopscotch with chalk with words instead of numbers.  Nanny wrote the words in pink that Sienna had to learn and whilst James didn't have any word to learn she put some words for him in blue all starting with "ph".  I must admit I have difficulty with spelling some of those words myself sometimes and really have to think about them before writing them.  The kids had to throw their little stone into the square and then had to hop on one foot five times and repeat the word five times.  When Sienna hopped onto the square instead of saying the wordwhich was written she hopped five times and said "one, one, one, one, one" to which Nanny you have to say the "word" five times not "one" five times.  In one of the photos Sienna is leaning back like she is scared or getting in trouble, but she's not, and you can seefrom her body language and the cheeky grin on her face that she is laughing's funny.

We only got to play hopscotch once because it kept raining the following days however it paid off for James because on Monday night he was reading his "Goosebumps" story to me and he came across the word "philosophy" and he knew the word instantly.  How great is that, that there was an opportunity to see the word in a book he was reading.  Here's the photos of homework done the fun and exciting way.

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  1. good idea! just shows you can learn in any environment!