Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Focus for July

Inspired by Elise's "goals for the month" in 2012 I have come up with a set of my own to focus on in July.  As Elise points out it's not about "New Year's Resolutions" because what might be of value at the beginning of the year may change throughout the year.  So to do a simple list of achievable things to "focus" on keeps it out there in front of you. I took a photo of myself in the mirror like Elise and typed up my goals for July. Family and a healthy lifestyle are the main focus this month.

If you are having trouble reading the fine print double click on the picture or see the list below:-

to eat healthy
to start walking 2 times per week
to print July photos for Project Life
to read bedtime stories to kids Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
to put 5 things on ebay to sell
to complete 1 craft project
to take at least 5 photos of me with the kids
to spend time with the kids helping them with their jigsaw puzzles

Not a huge lot of pressure (maybe on the healthy eating front as the chocolate has slipped in daily) but the rest of the things is about family and some creative time for me.  I have a lot of projects "pinned" on Pinterest and have bought a few supplies but haven't got stuck into them yet.

Getting 5 photos with the kids and I could prove easy or difficult depending upon the mood of the kids.  Still it's a challenge and getting more photos with the kids is really really important.  I actually gave my girlfriend the task of taking 10 family photos with her in them while they were away on holidays.  If you focus, you will achieve.  Most mum's end up out of the photo because they know their camera and they just take the shot rather than pass it over to a stranger to take a photo because we've all been there and done that when you do hand the camera over and you get a blurred shot or one where you are a tiny part of the photo however it's a must do to get in your family memories.  I originally put down 1 family photo and then I thought if I get 5 surely I may get one I really like.  It's a challenge but one that I'm going to tackle.

I'm going to do my goals one at the beginning of each month sort of like a "to do list".  If it's written down you are more likely to focus on it and again after the month is gone you can see what you achieved rather than life just going on day by day.  I've already got a few things in mind for the month of August.....it's a simple idea so join in with me if you have 10 mins to think about it and of course get a photo of yourself.

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