Friday, June 29, 2012

Looking back on some memories of James and Sienna

I've finally put my Instagram photo grid in the Ikea frame and have taken a photo of it hanging on the wall.  Have you seen the cool Blurb photo book that Lizzy did with her Instagram images.  I've seen the cute little 1.5 inch Instagram photo books but I like Lizzy's book as well.  I don't know the exact size and in her comments section everyone has asked what size she used (maybe 6x6 inch) so I'll check out what she has to say in the next post.

As I haven't uploaded the photo to the computer of my finished Instagram grid for now you can walk down memory lane with me and enjoy a few pictures of my beautiful children when they were younger.  Just looking at all these photos it seems like yesterday and in other way it seems like years and years since they were little.  I'm so glad I have captured these memories, technically photographic or not, they are precious.

Sienna's 2nd birthday and her new outfit from Nanny and Pop because she loved eating strawberries.

Photo Below - having just spent 2 weeks in Melbourne Dec 2007/Jan 2008 when it was 40 degrees Sienna was used to running around Nanny and Pop's back yard with no top on in the late afternoon shade and had a plastic crate filled with water to sit in.  When we returned to Brisbane she wouldn't put a top on and one morning this was her get up.  Gum boots, pink shorts, no top and a little empty camera bag strapped around her neck.  What a sight, it still makes me laugh seeing it now.  James is looking oh so pleased with himself in his "wiggles" t-shirt and gum boots as well.  I love their little chubby faces. 

Below - here they are Easter 2008 showing off their new sandshoes which they were thrilled about.

One of my all time favourite cuddles and having Bert & Earnie on TV in the background makes this for me....memories of my childhood.  But it's such a cute embrace.

Below - another favourite of mine when Sienna was about 6 months old or even less and she loved playing that piano and I loved that James is watching her bang the keys and his "sippy cup" of milk next to him as he was just two and a half.

Below - I adore this photo and my improved camera/photography skills.  I love that Sienna is intently watching James so she can copy him.  I love how you can tell he is a left hander in this photo and I love the natural lighting.  Oh yeh, I loved those beautiful curls of Sienna's when she was little.  I love how James is in his Spiderman pj's which he was so keen on......capturing these moments tell so much about their little lives....I love being their mum.

Below - James and Sienna laying on the floor watching "Bob the Builder" and his arm around her.  So very cute.

Below - another cute cuddle about to happen.  This photo is being taken to send to the Melbourne relatives to show them how the new clothes look that were Christmas presents.  I love that little dress of Sienna's and the army shorts of James.

Below - August 2008 James and Sienna reading maps of Boondall Wetlands when Nanny and Pop came to visit.  On closer inspection Sienna's map is upside down which I find adorable given she can't tell as she is only two and a half and James is three and a half.  They look so serious studying the map and in fact all we had to do was follow the pathway which looped back to where we started but it's so cute.  We did see a Frog Mouth Owl in a tree which I spotted (a dig at my father-in-law) who hasn't forgiven me for that's an on-going joke as they had been caravaning around Australia and spotted a number of birds and then I spotted this one.  It really did look like a branch so I was shocked to spot it myself.  Will post a photo of the owl in the next day or so.

The next two photos were taken at "Out of the Box" Childrens Festival which runs for 5 days in Brisbane for kids up to 8 years old.  They have great free events as well as ones you have to pay for.  It's only on every 2 years and we were looking forward to it this year however it is on during the week and covers one weekend and we had a previous school function on and football and we just couldn't fit it in this year which I was very sad about as now we have to wait another 2 years for it to come around again.  James will be 10 by then and Sienna will be 8 so it would probably be the last year we go anyway in 2014. 

Below - you guessed with kids.  They were making Anzac Biscuits and after shifting the flour Sienna put the sieve (is that how you spell it?) on her head.  She was already wearing a hat to start with and the sieve just topped off her glamour look.  Don't you love her "quirky" fashion style.

Below - Sienna upgrading to a "big girl" car seat and those beautiful eyes to match.

Below - after unpacking the surround sound speakers James and Sienna decided to go "row-row-row-your-boat" in the cardboard box.  I just which I could reach into that picture and pick up those cuddly little kids.....and give them a big hug.

Below - love this one...on the floor at Nanny and Pops house in August 2006.

Below - camping at Double Island Point in winter.

Below - they loved their toddler bikes

Below - we were away camping and James was making Sienna laugh over and over adorable I couldn't help but laugh myself.

Below - enjoying our new pool

Below - another lovely cuddle from his sister.  She was loving it although he was not that keen and of course I had to photograph it all.

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