Sunday, June 17, 2012

Instagram Collage

The other day I was on Becky Higgins blog and was inspired by this post item number 2 and knew I just had to load the rest of my instagram pics and make a Instagram Collage.  Luckily for me Big W has a special on until the 20th June in store for 11" x 14" enlargements for $1.00 instead of the $13.00.  Too good of an opportunity not to spend 2 hrs and get it done.

I used a free template from here (paislee-pressplate No 25 - 12x12-psd) and then resized it to 11" x 11" (instead of the original 12"x12" so it would fit on the enlargement.  Word of caution....if you do this you need to go into the "edit" function on the Big W machines and select "no cropping" so it comes out the way you need it.  I printed a matt and a gloss print (since they are only $1.00) to see which one I would like.  I had to wait 30 minutes for the print so just pottered around the store and came back and it had printed the grid over the entire 11"x14" page but obviously a lot of the squares were missing.  TIP - so "no cropping" and the 11"x11" will be printed on the 11"x14" page and the rest of the enlargement will just be white space and then it can be cropped into the square grid.  I've got a large square IKEA frame with the inside measurement 11.5" x 11.5" so I'm just going to put a 12"x12" cardstock behind it.  I'm just working out if I want that border black or a different colour.

So happy to save $12 on this one item and to be able to put it in the frame straight away.  What are you doing with your Instagram pictures?  Here's how my grid looks.


  1. This is just excellent Kathy! When you have it framed, would you mind posting it again, so we can see it in context ... I bet it will look sensational!

  2. sure will.....I've got a matt on mine, although I do love it framed to the edges like in the post. Kathy