Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Conversations of little kids

Whenever the kids say something really cute or funny I try and write it down because in about 3 hours time I would have seriously forgotten what they said.  Maybe it's something to do with old age; or within the next 3 hours with an 8 and a 6 year old around there would have been another 500 things happen and conversations had by then so I find it good to write it down immediately after it is said.

To set the scene - we were sitting at the dinner table on Monday night when I announced to the kids that we would be having our home made ice cream for desert.  It is actually very cold here in Brisbane but figured kids don't feel the cold and it was a nice treat.

James was very excited and said "I love our home made ice cream it can be famous".

Sienna sitting opposite James at the dinner table then said "yeah, we'll just type it on the Internet and we'll become famous"

I had just stepped out of the room when I heard this conversation and it made me smile from ear to ear.  Kids are just so spontaneous and cute when they come up with things like this.  So it's simple in order to become famous you just post something on the internet (well, I'm sure that's true of so many things) however since the recipe is not one I made up it's from the Thermomix recipe book then for now we'll be famous in our own lives for making it and eating it..... that's pretty good in my books.

Onto the next little cute story of the weekend.  My brother in law came around and put up some Ikea shelves in Sienna's room for me which look great.  After they were up we filled them with a few books, pictures and frames which need some photos in them now.  Sienna had a canvas colouring in picture sticking out over the end of the shelf and I popped it back and overlapped a frame with the book.  She didn't like it and moved it out to the side again so it wasn't touching.  I explained to her that that the overlapping of the items was called "styling".   The next morning I went into her room there the canvas colouring in picture had made it's way out over the edge of the shelf again.  As I was walking over to push it back again Sienna pipes up and says "no, Mummy I don't want it styled".  I just cracked up it was early in the morning and a 6 year old telling you she doesn't want you to "style" her shelf made me laugh.

Here is a picture of her new shelves and the "coloured canvas picture" being the culprit.

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