Thursday, June 14, 2012

AFL for James

This year James signed up to play with a local AFL club in the Under 9's team.  From the moment we signed up James was so excited and couldn't wait to play.  The kids in his team have obviously played previously however they have welcomed James and he is getting more confident each week.  He is thrilled to go to training, he is thrilled to play on Saturdays and just loves it.  Playing in a team is great for kids because they have to learn to work together and every move they make is about the whole team not just an individual. They also get an opportunity to make new friends and have fun at the same time in the great outdoors.

I'm so proud of James as he is always keen to learn new things but he is so excited about AFL and after training he always says to me he is so glad that I'm taking him to football and he loves it because I watch his training and games.  The Team Manager and Coach are really encouraging towards the kids and I really enjoy hearing them and a few of the Dads call out encouraging remarks during the game.  It makes me warm and fuzzy inside that it's a nice Club and they have nothing but encouragement for the kids. 

Last weekend it was our turn to wash the jerseys and it was a lovely sight on the washing line.  Funny thing is our school colours are blue and yellow and the footy colours are blue and yellow as well.  So I have more "washing line" photos (just for you Sharon!!)

My taking James to play AFL is a big deal because anyone who knew me 10 years ago wouldn't believe it.  A bit of history.... we didn't have a lot of sport when we were kids, school tennis and netball (from memory) and we have 4 girls and 1 boy in our family.  Paul was the youngest and at 9 years younger than me, so when he was playing school high school sports I had left home.  Personally I didn't like football, any code and I at one time in my life my male flatmate used to watch the rugby every Sunday afternoon on TV and I found it soooo boring.  The whole thing did nothing for me and just the noise in the background in the house was annoying.  So I was not one of those girls into football.  10 years ago we moved to Melbourne for work and I was told that I had to pick an AFL team even if I didn't ever watch a game because Melbournites wouldn't understand if I said "I'm not into it".  I naturally chose The Brisbane Lions and luckily for me they won the Grand Final those 2 years I was in Melbourne.  AFL is like religion in Melbourne and everyone is very passionate about it.  I remember we would go out for Friday night drinks and everyone would be on their phones getting the scores for the footy and talking about the footy.  It was so foreign to me and again I thought to myself "boring".  As the old saying goes "if you can't beat them, join them" and living in Melbourne for two years I got into the AFL and went to a few games at the MCG when the Brisbane Lions played.

So you can see that me taking James to AFL is very ironic however, being the Mum I am, and wanting my kids to grow up with sports the time is right and James is happy as can be.  Most of his friends play Rugby and one day he asked me why we are playing AFL.  I said you were born in Melbourne and Melbourne is the home of AFL.  For me though I find it a much more interesting and exciting game than the tackle, pass, tackle, pass game of Rugby.  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So James from your Mum, you are doing just awesome.  James is number 7 and is on the right hand side of the photo sitting down.  The coach is in the middle with the cap on giving them the strategy for the next quarter.  Under 9's are so cute.

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